These are unprecedented and uncertain times, which will be having a significant impact on your staff. We know that the tools and techniques underpinning everything we do at Fresh Air Fridays support mental and emotional wellbeing, without exception. This is relevant to you and your staff both professionally and personally – particularly now.

A great way to support your staff is to encourage them to attend our Breathing Spaces. Just what it says on the tin! 30 minutes where staff can stop and breathe. These regular live sessions share tools and ideas that allow participants to look after themselves mentally and emotionally. Free to everyone; sharing them with your staff will show them you care and that their wellbeing is on your mind.

We know you’re doing the best you can to support your people and we’d love to help you. Do please also feel free to share our podcast course with your staff and engage in it yourself. The kind of awareness we share here will make a difference in the current situation and beyond.

Podcast course – Helping you during COVID-19

Feeling stressed, anxious, out of sorts or simply reflecting on what is going on for you. This podcast course is an opportunity for you to address all or any of these things.

Fresh Air Fridays podcast course has been supporting members and facilitators alike over the last 5 years. Whilst it was recorded early on in our history it still continues to add great value to the people who engage with the content. We will soon be releasing a newly recorded audio programme, but during the current situation, we wanted to share whatever tools we can to support you to navigate life in a way that works for you.

This course will support you to destress, relax, improve your relationships and have your life work, irrespective of what is going on around you. 

Pop on your walking shoes if you are able, head to your garden or find a pot plant to be with, take some time for you and have a listen!

There are more practical tips on our Total Wellbeing pages.

And space to connect and get support from our:

Closed Facebook group – a safe, non-judgemental space where people can share and support each other to take care of their own wellbeing

Weekly emails – exploring our different themes – another support for everyone around their own wellbeing and making positive life changes.

Here’s a snippet of the things people say about our programmes…

According to a government review – Thriving at Work – published in 2017, employers need to do more to prevent employee mental health and wellbeing being worsened at work. You may already have a wellbeing strategy and be running some initiatives but let’s look at what else you’re dealing with.

What’s your challenge?

The facts

  • Presenteeism costs organisations twice as much as absenteeism
  • 25% of staff are affected by stress, anxiety and depression
  • Workplaces are navigating significant change in structure and organisation

So, how are your staff?

Are they showing signs of stress, anxiety, mental health issues or conflict? Are there issues with engagement, poor morale and absence?

To make a difference you know your organisation needs to implement wellbeing policies that are effective and sustainable. How do you do that and take care of your bottom line?  

What’s our solution?

Wellbeing that Works

Here at Fresh Air Fridays, we focus on developing and supporting a happier, healthier mindset, enabling your people to make the lifestyle changes that are relevant to them.

No more sitting in a room being told what you should do for your wellbeing.

Our innovative 12-session programme, run over 12 or 24 weeks, takes your staff outside to a green space close to your workplace for a highly interactive and engaging 75-minute session. 

By learning simple and effective tools and techniques in an outdoor setting, our Wellbeing that Works programme helps people grow in confidence and resilience. Your staff will learn how to look after themselves mentally and emotionally,  reducing stress and improving relationships both in the workplace and in their personal lives. 

As an organisation, you’ll reap the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce who, with a positive attitude and mindset, will show increased engagement and productivity, creating a healthy performance culture in your organisation.

From the feedback we receive, we know that what we provide is transformational for you and your staff. As one of the participants in the video says – “my job is very demanding, very intense and there’s a lot of pressure involved; now I take it in my stride a lot more, changed my entire outlook on everything … I’m proud of what I’ve achieved and I’m happy”.

Wellbeing for Leaders

An in-depth, ten-session programme, specifically for leaders, run over a 12 month period.

Each session has time outdoors in green space. Leaders learn tools and techniques that enable them to think more clearly, build more effective teams and enhance their resilience. The programme builds over the course of the year, providing an opportunity for leaders to really hear themselves and their peers. Time out from the office in this way will encourage strategic vision and be hugely beneficial for the leaders themselves and for the teams they lead.

For more information about what we offer, visit our Products and Services page.

Thriving Through Change

It’s a cliche but it’s true that “the only constant in life is change”.

Wherever you work you’ll know that there’s truth in this and it’s important that you have strategies to look after yourself and your staff in times of change.

We’ve developed a tried and tested approach to supporting this process.Please send my FREE download – Thriving Through Change

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