Our Purpose and Vision

All our products and services are designed to positively impact people’s wellbeing now and for future generations. Fresh Air Fridays is a trusted brand and respected resource for people to access the skills, support and space they desire to support themselves in their own total wellbeing.

What do we offer?

Our products are listed below. Each item has link which will takes you to the section of this page which gives more information. Please get in contact to find out more about pricing and availability.

Why work with us?

The simple answer is because what we do works. Our programmes result in lasting change. What we do empowers individuals to be responsible for their own wellbeing.

As a business or organisation you will want to work with us if

  • you want to create new workplace culture
  • you are seeking more than just a tick box in your wellbeing strategy
  • you aspire to be leaders in your field and want to be an aspirational employer
  • you genuinely care about your staff and understand that happy healthy employees are more resilient, productive and loyal.

As an individual you will want to work with us if

  • you want to reconnect with your own innate wisdom
  • you care about the quality of your interactions and relationships
  • you want to develop your self-awareness
  • you are ready to live a life you love.

How does it work?

The structure and content of our programmes and courses is designed to increase self awareness. This insight provides an access to our innate inner knowing, which we all have, and yet are not always aware of. The practical skills and techniques we practice result in greater mental and emotional resilience, improved communications skills, increased problem solving and a genuine sense of contentment and satisfaction.

Our core values run throughout all our programmes and course. These are;

  • community and connection
  • openness and honesty
  • acceptance and trust
  • freedom, choice and fun.

We treat people like people and connect in a very real and human way. Our programmes have a set format and structure, which is based on what we know works and achieves the best result and outcomes. Due to the nature of how we work, Fresh Air Fridays is flexible and we are confident that if you want to be able to access a programme, we can support you to find a way to do so, in a way that works for all concerned.

Our work changes lives for the better – you can see what some of our recent participants had to say about our Wellbeing that Works programme here.

If you like the sound of what we do, contact us and let’s see how we might work together. We’d love to speak with you!

Telephone: 02920 892 783

Email: info@freshairfridays.co.uk

12 week programme

This is one of our two premium programmes. This is the one that we would really love everyone to do, because it is transformational for individuals in both their home and work lives. When people attend these programmes they see what is and isn’t working in their life. Their relationships improve, they feel happier and more engaged. Attendees come away with a toolbox of strategies that allow them to navigate the trials and tribulations of life with much more happiness than they thought possible.

12  x 75 minute sessions for up to 12 people. No previous experience is necessary and due to the coaching approach that is used, people will come away with results that are perfect for them. These programmes are ideal for businesses, charities, groups, organisations and individuals and will take place in the nearest green space to where you are.

Find out more by visiting our For Organisations page.

Not ready to commit to a full programme but keen to deliver value for your staff? Why not offer them one of our 90 minute taster sessions that give a few of the tools that we teach and a chance to get out of the office and feel better for a short while.

12 month community programme

We know that everything tends to work again if you unplug it for a while, including you. Fresh Air Fridays community sessions are an opportunity to do just that. They provide the space and support so that you can deeply explore the tools and ideas that we know underpin good wellbeing. Many of our facilitators run these sessions at various locations around the country, in green spaces that we know you will love. These 2.5 – 3 hour sessions are the perfect way to unwind and re-fuel so you can create a life you love.

This is an entry level programme that is accessible to people who are new to self-development work as well as those who are already engaged in personal development. Sessions are run monthly basis over the course of a year enabling you to fully integrate the skills and tools into your everyday life, for lasting results.

We see that people get the most from Fresh Air Fridays when they join as a member, mainly because they make a commitment to themselves and their lives. Our annual membership fee is £25 when paid monthly (or £250 if you pay for the year in a lump sum). Amazing value! As a Fresh Air Fridays annual member, you can go on as many sessions as you like, with any of our facilitators across the UK. You will also be given a copy of our Fresh Air Fridays book, with lots on how you can support yourself to achieve what you want in your life.

Find out more by visiting our For You page.

Your first session is always FREE. To find a session and book onto a session, visit our Sessions page.

Audio Course

What we would most love is that everyone could access one of our group sessions, but we also know that that isn’t always possible, so we have created a way in which you can experience the tools and ideas that we know make a difference. Over 12 episodes Ruth and Rose will guide you through the Fresh Air Fridays audio programme. Easily accessed on your phone, it is designed to be listened to whilst outside in nature and is the closest you will get to being on a session, without being on a session. 

Supported Audio Course: Keen to support your team to good wellbeing, but perhaps they work remotely or are spread over a large geographical area. We can provide a supported audio course in which participants are able to listen to episodes on their own, but we have several touch points throughout the series so you can benefit from some of the team building aspects of the programme. Talk to us about what you are seeking to achieve and we can put together the perfect package for you.


Hosting an event or needing to inspire your team? Have one of our experienced facilitators come and share ideas about supporting good wellbeing. Our talks are uplifting, informative and practical. People will go away with tools and ideas they can put into practice today. 

Half day “Walkshops” (3 hours)

Are you running a Wellbeing day or a Team day? Choose one or more of our three half-day “Walkshops”, designed to give staff valuable tools that will positively impact them both in work and at home, improve teamwork, reduce absenteeism and increase retention. A chance to get groups of up to 12 people out of the office and working effectively together. Choose from “Wellbeing”, “Planning” and “Communication”. Talk to us about multiple sessions for larger groups.

Small group Immersion 2 day course

This is an opportunity to take time for yourself and prioritise your total wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). These 2 days will nurture and nourish you through a combination of outdoor sessions, time for personal reflection, coaching, connection with others and delicious, nutritious food. 


We believe that wellbeing is cultural. Effective leadership comes from authenticity. This year long programme is a deep dive into effective communication, clear honest leadership that will have a positive impact on your whole organisation. By learning more about themselves and how to function effectively participants of these programmes bring these skills back to their own teams meaning that everyone works better. Small peer groups meet for 10 days over the course of a year with an optional 2 day immersion. Please get in contact for more information.

Facilitator Training

One of the strengths of Fresh Air Fridays programmes is that facilitators integrate the content and principles into their own lives, rather than simply delivering a course. It is this embodiment which enables them to fully support course participants, as facilitation is based on their experience, not just a theoretical concept. Our training is designed to encourage and support this exploration and integration for all facilitators and this is continued in our programme of continued professional and personal development. 

Fresh Air Fridays facilitator training empowers you with skills that will make you a leader in your life, whether that be for personal or professional fulfilment.

The initial training includes:

  • two days residential training
  • two on site visits for launch preparation
  • weekly mentoring calls in the 6 week pre-launch period (for community groups)
  • access to training resources

Post launch CPD and supervision is hugely beneficial in enabling you to provide a safe and productive environment for your participants to feel secure and able to grow in the way the programme is designed.

To find out more visit our Facilitator page.

Next Facilitator Training dates

October 2020

We expect you to have been on a session, and to experience Fresh Air Fridays for yourself, before considering becoming a facilitator. Find a session near you and book online here. You First session is FREE!

If you have been on sessions and want to know more, we’d love to speak with you, so do get in touch.

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